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When two planets are inconjunct they are degrees apart in the zodiac. What is the meaning of vish dosh in astrology, and what are the implications of it?.
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A tendency toward openness can cause unwanted drama, exposure, loss of face and ostracism. You might find it hard to settle and relax as your intuition senses change or some drama on the way. A buildup of energy in your system can feel exciting but also a little scary.

Give the Quincunx More Respect!

If you have been restricted or bored lately you will seek more freedom and creative self-expression. The pressure to change can come from someone with some power over you. An unexpected event, accident or change at work may force you to change your routine, behavior or plans. It is important to be flexible and adapt to changing conditions. Try to go with the flow and fit in.

Meaning of the Quincunx or Inconjunct Aspects in Astrology - Astrology

If you resist change and become arrogant or disruptive you will suffer losses or miss out on an important opportunity. Being stubborn or overreacting would also damage your position and prospects. An adjustment is needed whether you are forced to make changes or you find a different way forward yourself. Doing something a slightly different way could make all the difference, making life easier for yourself and those around you. This is a good time to experiment and make minor changes and alterations. Do not go too far or be too daring, otherwise, you may have to start all over again.

The changes occurring now will be difficult to undo at a later stage. Is separate orb of 2deg27min too much for this quincunx or I still have it? Some astrologers consider this to also be true of the semi-sextile, which is not just half of a sextile but also involves two incompatible signs.

Dearborn, Lehman, and others do distinguish between the quincunx and the inconjunct as they are often called. They say that a quincunx is technically an inconjunct only if one of the two planets, sun or moon, involved is in a fixed sign. Otherwise, the aspect does not qualify as an inconjunct.

If no fixed sign is involved then the situation is a little easier to handle. Lee Lehman suggests that we should not limit quincunxes to a 1st-6th house or 1st-8th house influence. She suggests that we use any cusp relationship in determining its meaning such as the MC — 3rd house or 5th house. Ed Dearborn gives the example of a 10th or MC — 3rd that was evident when a longstanding political boss resigned after illegally signing his signature by adding it to an election petition after the deadline.

A few examples that I found are the chart of the Duke of Windsor who abdicated the throne of England to be with the woman he loved. He has the MC quincunx his 5th house sun. Another is Sarah Ferguson who has the MC quincunx her 4th house moon. Neither of these examples involves a fixed sign planet though, but in the chart of Princess Diana, her MC is inconjunct her 5th house Venus that is in the fixed sign Taurus.

Is it any wonder that his activities are associated with business and money? Even in charts that do not have one of these aspects natally, everyone will experience them by transit or progression. What I have found is that people with quincunxes tend to compartmentalize the two areas of life indicated by the planets and points involved. Nevertheless, the opportunities to find a balance are there.

With the quincunx as well, it can be difficult to merge the energies of the planets involved. But the difference here is that there is a sense that the two cannot be merged, and this is where compartmentalization comes into play.

A couple of examples will shed some more light on the theory. We feel the need to separate satisfying the needs of our Moon by sign, house, and aspect and the needs of our Venus by sign, house, and aspect. This will play out in a variety of ways, depending on the individual involved, and depending on what the Moon and Venus represent, by way of their position and what houses they rule in the chart. Take for example a mother with this Moon quincunx Venus aspect.

She might have a difficult time blending her romantic life with her role as a mother. If she is married, she may compartmentalize her role as a romantic partner and her role as a mother.

Sun Quincunx Pluto Transit

As a result, much energy is spent in her life trying to deal with both roles or needs at different times. Now, she may consciously separate these areas of life, slotting them in such a way to keep them separate, or she may feel like life circumstances force her to do so. Whatever the perception, the challenge is coming from within her because it does not feel natural for her to blend the two areas of her life. Integrating the energies of these planets within her is the only solution if she feels outside forces are causing her to make constant, energy-draining adjustments.

On another level, if we equate the Moon with what makes her feel comfortable, and Venus with what makes her feel good, there can be a conflict between her social life and her need for safety.

The Meaning of the Quincunx or Inconjunct Aspects in Astrology

She can feel ill at ease in social situations. Perhaps a vague sense of guilt or fear accompanies her when she is playing the social butterfly. When she isolates herself, however, and tends to her inner sense of peace, she might feel lonely and unloved. Because Venus rules pleasure and money, she may find that spending money on herself, or on things that seem frivolous, takes away from her family or home in some way. Another possibility is that the people she is romantically attracted to threaten her sense of security in her family.

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Perhaps her family does not approve of her partners, or she has difficulty integrating her friends and partners with her family. Conversely, her partners may have difficulty accepting her family.