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Pisces Ascendant in Male & Female Horoscope in Vedic Astrology. Meena lagna or Pisces ascendant people are philosophical, learned, low self-confidence, prudent, religious, bigotry is clearly reflected in the character. If Pisces Rising / Meena Lagna lord is placed in the ascendant.
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Rare and strong-willed at the same time, able to keep at a distance free poets and romantics from the big road. A woman with an ascendant in Pisces does not like to be obligated to someone and avoids what she so fervently aspires to. Demanding this woman is unthinkable, because all the same it will remain that secret, which can be solved for thousands of years.

To her are gallant boyfriends and courageous heroes who want to touch this sentimental and pretty girl with naive eyes like a child. Ascendant in Pisces from a woman forces her to live in a fairy tale and dutifully look for the savior of her soul. A sensual and sweet person who is capable of sacrifice for the sake of goodness, peace and nobility.

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She knows how to adapt to a man, but does it so gently and reverently that he does not understand how he got into her network. She is one of those women, whom men wear on their hands, they give bouquets of white roses and cover with a plaid rug before bedtime. She compliments, but she is modest and blushes.

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Invite to a date or a cafe, and she wants to turn off the phone and hide, as in childhood, in the closet. She likes caring and understanding men who will not let her offend and always guess what tea she prefers for breakfast. A woman with an ascendant in Pisces is nervous if he has paid attention to another woman, but never thinks of setting up a scene of jealousy or demanding unearthly fidelity from him.

It attracts stately, interesting looks and smart men. The native may be healthy because Sun eliminates illness from this position. People who have this combination in their Kundli are confident and put all their heart into the work they do.

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  4. They are not afraid of their enemies and face any situation with valor. Due to the full aspect of Sun on the Virgo sign in the 7th house they may get success in a job but not in business. There may be some conflict with the life-partner which will affect happiness. This placement in the Ascendant is good for the person. The native might have a beautiful and attractive personality. He will have a sweet and effective tone of voice.

    Pisces Rising – Personality Traits of Pisces Ascendant

    He is never afraid of any task because he has a lot of confidence. He may have an affectionate and loving mother. He will live happily with his life partner and will have happiness from children too because Moon has full aspect on Mercury in the sign Virgo.

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    Presence of this combination in the Ascendant makes the native strong and obstinate. He will have an interest in studies and likes to help others. His Economic status of will be good and expenditure will be less.

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    He may have problems in eyes and ears. The aspect of Mars on the 1st house has an effect on the 4th, 7th and 8th houses. Because of its effect the native would be blessed with helping friends and partners. He may get affection and help from mother or a mother like woman. The person may be hard-working due to the presence of Mercury in the Ascendant in this sign. He may earn money by hard work and cleverness.

    This is not a very lucky combination for inheritance but it is good for getting help from women.

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