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This is a week for thinking about what makes you feel most solid. Is it another person, a city, a song?

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Is it something you can hold, something you can wear, something you can feel against your skin? You can sometimes feel like pure energy itself, but this week, remember that you have a body, too, and let your body reorient itself to the pleasures of the world. In the middle of this much uncertainty, it can feel important to question what seems to come naturally, and to control your energies tightly.

This week, though, try giving your instincts some more credit.

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Try trusting what your body already knows. You already know how to build and how to learn, but real change can feel scarier than that. Sometimes it looks, at first, like a step backward. Sometimes, the pain of leaving an older self behind makes it seem preferable not to grow at all.

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Most of the time you know, with a solid quiet clarity, who you are. Sometimes, though, you look around and see all the other ways a human life can be, all the other worlds that exist alongside your own, and you start wishing for something else. Sometimes the world just feels like too much — too much chaos, too much cruelty.

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Sometimes it feels like everyone is just so intent on misunderstanding you, on blocking whatever sunlight and sweetness is still available. During this week you will be eager to participate in various events related to social events, festivals, sporting events and more. This week you will need to arrange for an important financial document or contract. Many will be delighted to increase their income through a variety of sources. You will be wary of your new asquantance, no matter what the circumstances are.

During the week you may be upset by news that concerns a person you know. Your real estate or family property commitments will go well.

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This week, pay more attention to your health problems and schedule a consultation with your GP. Don't leave your chronic illness unattended. This week you will have the opportunity to fix household equipments or household problems, replace broken appliances with new ones, and more. Men will have interesting experiences with their daughter, granddaughter, niece or other young woman. Women will be fully committed to an important professional engagement or business.

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You may be down, but you're not defeated. Social relationships are exceptionally argumentative this week. Retreat to the pleasure of your own company and spend some time alone. There could be drama at work. Before you over-react, try to remember that you're part of a team and that a team response will be much more powerful than your individual anger.

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You spot an opportunity to get ahead and jump on it with enthusiasm. Be careful, however, that you're not exploiting someone else's bad luck along the way. You are your own harshest critic and your self-talk can be very destructive. Seek a fresh intellectual challenge and focus your energy on expanding your mind instead of reprimanding yourself.

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  7. Drama in your love life may feel alarming but it's part of your growth. If you are in love, be open, honest and passionate with your partner.

    go here You can get through this together, but don't expect it to be an easy ride. Your health may come under scrutiny, with unexpected news serving as a wake-up call. Your partner will help in creating healthy habits, so embrace this as the start of something good. A financial shock may be on the way, especially if you haven't been careful with money recently.

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